Atlantic Fisheries recognizes food safety as one of its primary responsibilities. Our HACCP plan and execution has been reviewed by the FDA and approved. We go the extra mile to ensure the seafood we deliver is fresh, wholesome, healthy and sanitary. We use state of the art equipment such as our Ozonice 8000-PS ozone generating machine and our Safeline Powerphase Plus metal detector to ensure your not only getting the freshest seafood but also the safest.


Ozonice O3 ozonated water producing machine supplies ozonated water to our processing and wash down areas.

Ozonated water de-slimes, deodorizes, disinfects and cleans seafood in 2-3 seconds, leaving you with truly excellent and very appealing product.

Ozonated water (0.5 ppm+) kills virus and bacteria in seconds.

Ozonated water washing of seafood extends fresh quality 3-5 days.

Ozonated water washing (1.5 mg/L ozone) of stainless steel and food grade plastic will produce 3-4 log bacteria count reductions in 10 seconds! This is especially true for Listeria Monocytogenes.

Ozonated water washing of hands sanitizes and deodorizes the skin.

Safeline POWERPHASE PLUS metal detector

To ensure that our seafood is metal free we use SAFELINE POWERPHASE PLUS metal detector on all fresh seafood products processed at our facility. The POWERPHASE PLUS detector incorporates an advanced coil design for the ultimate in enhanced sensitivity, and operates at multiple frequencies to automatically accommodate variations. This detector zeros in on all types of contamination, from common ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal to the most difficult to detect stainless steel fragments.


Meticulous attention to our Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) ensures that our plant conditions are above code requirements. We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility and work hard every day to ensure superior plant sanitation conditions. Our SSOP addresses the following areas:

Water Quality To ensure and promote water quality when handling, storing, and distributing seafood in a manner that will assure the continued delivery of safe, sanitary, and wholesome seafood to customers.

Storage and Handling Equipment & Utensils To ensure sanitation of equipment and utensils utilized throughout handling, storage, and distribution of seafood products.

Personnel Hygiene To ensure and promote a high degree of personal hygiene for sanitation program to work properly and further maintain high ideals in the production and handling of seafood products.

Maintenance of Sanitary Facilities To provide the seafood warehouse with adequate sanitary facilities and accommodations.

Chemical Management & Storage To ensure that all chemicals used at this facility are properly stored, safely and effectively employed for their intended uses.

Sewage & Solid Disposal To ensure adequate sewage and waste disposal systems for handling, storage, and packaging of seafood products at the facility.

Building & Grounds Maintenance To ensure conditions of cleanliness. throughout seafood products receiving, handling, storage, processing, and shipping building and related ground areas.

Pest Control To ensure proper exclusion of pests from the Seafood Plant.

HACCP Plan Compliance

As of December 18th 1997, ADS SEAFOOD INC. d/b/a Atlantic Fisheries is operating under and implementing verification procedures as outlined by the federally mandated HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program. Furthermore we guarantee that all aspects of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are being fallowed and we are monitoring and recording applicable sanitation activities (SSOP).